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Dancestors can help you make sense of that disorganized box of relative’s pictures bringing them to life by providing historical insight culminating in an elegant book that helps you and your family understand who you are today based upon where you came from. Your family ancestry preserved for future viewing creating an eternal and dynamic source of knowledge and legacy for generations to come.
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Why Dancestors?

Discovering your family’s legacy can be exciting! But it can also be time consuming, overwhelming and confusing. Dancestors can help you make sense of that disorganized box of family pictures by bringing them to life and telling their story.  Let Dancestors provide historical insight that culminates in an elegant book that helps you and your family understand who you are today based upon where you came from.  Your family ancestry will be preserved for future viewing by creating an eternal and dynamic source of knowledge and legacy for generations to come.


Times over the past decade, online family history research has grown in the United States.


The percent that reported family history has become more important than ever. They believe that knowing more about the past is a key part of understanding who we are.


Years the average family history goes back.

Why it’s Important
  • validate family stories
  • trace medical conditions
  • find birth parents
  • confirm origins of traditions
  • to know my ancestors as people
  • related to famous people
  • find living relatives
  • historical memberships
  • find personality traits, talents etc.


To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die“.
(Author unknown)

How This Works

We offer a simplified process of discovering your family’s legacy:

  1. Initial Meeting (share expectations & start the tree)
  2. Phase 1 (initial background exploration & DNA submittal)
  3. Phase 2 – the hunt (Flesh out tree data & begin narrative/story document & find DNA cousins
  4. Phase 3 (non digital research)
This is Personal

We’re in this together as partners, merging vision with action! I will help you discover a past you never knew existed.  I’ve discovered ancestors that were blacksmiths, carpenters, clock makers, cowboys, gunsmiths, house wrights, innkeepers, livery men, merchants, physicians, planters, preachers, scholars, servants, soldiers, silversmiths, weavers wheel wrights, the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve tracked them across oceans and continents, where they’ve fought to prevail against the enemy soldiers, forces of nature, hostile natives and an unforgiving frontier…I’m passionate about the work I do.

What is Delivered?
  • Online Ancestry Tree (all electronic documents)
  • GEDCOM File (standard genealogical file protocol containing your tree data that can be imported to other programs)
  • Narrative Family legacy book (includes gathered documents & pictures of your family
  • Printed pedigree chart
  • DNA Ethnicity & cousin contacts

Everything is documented online and accessible for future generations.



Meet Dan

Since I was a young boy I always found it fascinating to hear stories about my ancestors. I’d listen to my grandparents and great uncles and aunts tell stories of the past.  I inherited a love for genealogy from my mother who began researching our family’s history after she retired in the late 1980’s. In the early 1990’s I took up where she left off and due to the traveling nature of my career was able to fill in more of the family tree through letter writing, phone calls and visits to libraries, historical societies and family members long before the internet came along.  Today these research techniques are still relevant but digital resources have greatly enhanced the Genealogist’s tools. I am fortunate to have pursued genealogy at an earlier age when the story-holders were still able to explain their history.  Since then, many have passed away and their stories are lost or diminished of fact.  Let Dancestors help you get the true stories now!


I have researched and published many family legacies in the last two years.  My wife Andrea is an important part of the process as she is not so genealogy driven as she is passionate about the story. She serves as a great advocate for the non-genealogist wanting to peruse and absorb their family history without getting caught up in convention and minutia.



Want more information about Your family history? Let’s discuss your options!
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